Icelandic horse in the field

How to identify a fake equine passport

Anyone unable to produce an equine passport when asked can be fined up to £5000, receive up to two years’ imprisonment or both. The purpose of the the equine passport is to: prove the identity of the horse and prevent the selling of stolen equines prevent certain drugs from entering …

How to buy a horse for your kids or grandkids

How to buy a horse for your child (the right way)

Getting your kids a horse can be one of the best things you do. Your children can learn invaluable life skills from a reliable horse; including trust, teamwork and responsibility. The right horse or pony will teach your children about horses and riding as well as be a meaningful companion. …

Everything you need to know about buying your first horse

All you need to know about buying a horse for the first time

Horse ownership is fun and rewarding, but time-consuming and costly. It’s a big commitment and there are a lot of things to consider before jumping in. It’s important that you consider the right questions and determine whether buying a horse is the right decision for you. Unlike other hobbies, such …

What is a horse passport and what to do if you think yours is fake

Help! I think my horse’s passport is a fake

The intent of having a horse passport system is a good one: ideally, each horse should be matched to a passport that details the important information regarding that horse. This, in theory, would prevent stolen horses from being sold. However, this system can in practice be chaotic and is subject …

Buying a horse that is right for you

How much does a horse cost to keep?

The upkeep and maintenance of a horse are what take the most money from a horse owner. Take a look at this section to get an idea of the financial cost of owning a horse; from buying, stabling, tacking, farrier and vet costs, to worming, training and insurance.

Buying a horse that is right for you

Everything you need to know about horse passports

A horse passport is for accurately identifying animals and making international transport easier. In the UK and EU, all equines (horses, ponies, donkeys, mules etc.) must have passports by law and cannot be sold without one. In the US passports are primarily intended for animals competing in international Federation for …

Wild Pony Auction at Chincoteague Island

Buying your horse at auction, pt 5: When the hammer falls

If, and when, you start bidding always keep your limit in mind. Don’t go higher than you can afford. Once the hammer falls, you’re liable to pay the auctioneer in full. When you do want to bid, make your intentions clear by showing the auctioneer the bidding number you got at registration …