Weighing your horse without a livestock scale

How to weigh your horse without a livestock scale

It’s important to know how much your horse weighs because both feed amounts and medication dosages are calculated based on the weight of your horse. The most accurate way to weigh your horse is to use a weighbridge or livestock scale (a big scale the horse walks onto). However, most …

How to measure the height of a horse

How do you measure the height of a horse?

A horse’s height is measured from the ground to the highest point of the withers (orange line in the image below) and is expressed in centimetres or as hands high or hh. The height of a horse isn’t a very absolute number because there are many factors that go into …

How to prevent your horse from being stolen

7 tips to help prevent your horse from being stolen

Anyone who has ever had their horse stolen can tell you that it takes time and money as well as emotional stress to deal with a crime like horse theft. The biggest mistake a horse owner can make is to think that their horse is “not interesting” to thieves, because …


How to care for a senior horse and provide a great retirement

Having an elderly horse is a wonderful experience and they make terrific companions. When they cannot be ridden any more they absolutely love “salad bar” walks in nature and good long rubbing sessions where they can be completely spoiled with some TLC. If you’ve got a whole herd, they’re wonderful …

Horse in the stable

What are stable vices and how do you fix them?

What kind of problems do horse owners experience and how should they be addressed? Horses can come with problems and they can develop problems even after many years. Whether the problem is physical or psychological there is always a reason and it’s the job of a responsible horse owner to take the time to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.


What to do if a mercury thermometer just broke

When working with horses and taking their vital signs it is recommended to use digital thermometers, because they are faster and do not contain mercury. If you’re using a glass thermometer you should determine if it contains mercury before using it. Glass thermometers can contain coloured alcohol, which is not toxic. Even …