Horse passports are commonly used within the FEI competitions
Equine Passport

The problem with equine passports

Let’s face it; it’s like a jungle out there. It’s the responsibility of whoever buys or owns the horse to sort out the documentation for the horse, but there aren’t a whole lot of standards out there. None the less, you might find yourself jumping through all kinds of hoops …

Horse in the stable
Horse Care Stable & Pasture

What are stable vices and how do you fix them?

What kind of problems do horse owners experience and how should they be addressed? Horses can come with problems and they can develop problems even after many years. Whether the problem is physical or psychological there is always a reason and it’s the job of a responsible horse owner to take the time to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms.

Buying a horse that is right for you
Buying a Horse

How much does a horse cost to keep?

The upkeep and maintenance of a horse are what take the most money from a horse owner. Take a look at this section to get an idea of the financial cost of owning a horse; from buying, stabling, tacking, farrier and vet costs, to worming, training and insurance.